a cozy weekend bbq

12:45:00 PM

If I thought Saturday's weather was nice, I was in for a treat on Sunday.
My friend Ana's husband arrived in Colorado last week, and she threw a little bbq to welcome him. At around 5 that afternoon, C and I headed over with the fur-person.

By the time we got there, the girls had already arrived, looking beautiful as always.

The spread was awesome. Salad, pies, chips, dips, grilled meat, watermelon, cookies, beers, and cupcakes galore!


Tobias was very well behaved, and got more than one piece of meat as a reward.
Seriously, could you resist that face??

 Margot was there! Being her awesome self, as usual...

The sun eventually began to set, and C decided to end the day with a swing!

Up, up, and away!

All in all, a lovely afternoon with friends. I'm loving this summer so much!


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