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9:28:00 AM

Happy Friday!!

How are you guys doing today? This week has flown by, but I'm not any less exhausted. Travelling really takes it out of you! This weekend I hope to go through all my photos and line up a few posts for you guys next week. Other plans include sleeping in late, maaaaybe going to the gym (just maybe), catching up on PLL (new favorite bad tv show), and spending time with my family who get in at noon today!! So excited to see them!!!!

Keep reading for this week's favorites...

Favorite cuties:

{c and m}

Favorite girl crush:

{not only is Chrissy Teigen effortlessly stylish, she has the funniest instagram account - check it out!}
Favorite weekend dessert

{cherrrrrrry pieeeee via Don't Eat the Paintings}

Favorite boat name (ever):

Favorite advice:

{how to avoid comparing yourself to others online, via Camille Styles}
Favorite DIY:

{sunglasses chain via A Pair and A Spare}

Favorite chuckle:

{hilariously honest slogans}
Have a great weekend, everyone!


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