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Hey guys! Sorry for being quiet this week. I was at a work conference for half the week, and have spent every evening either face-planting into bed or squeezing in QT with my family (they leave next Tuesday, sniff). 

C and I have been on opposite schedules all week, and we finally made time for dinner together last night. The plan was to go out, but thanks to an all-day rain storm we ended up ordering Thai and eating on the couch in front of Netflix (before taking the most amazing nap EVER. Very reminiscent of this one) 

I didn't get to dress up for this dinner, but if I had, I would probably have thrown on some version of the outfit above, which I wore a few weeks earlier to a dinner with friends and family. I'm all about simple, minimalist style, and this black midi dress from H&M (where else?) is the perfect mix of casual and polished. 

Tomorrow I head to Santa Fe for a mini-road trip with my folks, so I hope to be back to regular posting next week with a recap of our trip. Have a great end-of-week, everyone!


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