michigan, part four

3:19:00 PM

After a whirlwind of a wedding, the weekend was finally coming to an end.

With heavy hearts we said our good byes, thanking everyone for the amazing time, and promising to keep in touch.

Don't worry Maeve, he'll be back!

Once home, we decided to take a spin on the lake to soak up every last inch of Michigan possible before leaving for Colorado.

 The clouds threatened above, but the Marshall's assured me that the sun was none too far behind. C's dad, Greg, steered the boat, while the rest of us relaxed. I wrapped my camera cord twice around my neck and snapped away.

Soon enough, the sun began to peek through the clouds.

We returned home to an amazing sky, and ate a delicious dinner looking out over the lake.

No better way to get over a hangover, in my opinion!

(well, besides a gigantic burrito with extra sauce, extra cheese, and extra sour cream... but you know what I mean)


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