michigan, part one

1:23:00 PM

Last (last) week, C and I headed to his homeland of  West Michigan for a little R&R, a wedding, and a mini escape from Colorado. We arrived on Thursday evening, and made non-negotiable plans to spend Friday at the beach. But first, ice cream!

{just kidding, we actually got these cones on our way home, but I just love these pictures ☺ }
C's lovely mom, Cathy, happily joined us for a lay-in on the sand.

Need proof that we actually went in?

Et voila! (In case you can't tell from the photo above, C is about to chuck me in the water...jerk)

I've said this before...but I just still cannot believe that this is a lake, and not an ocean.

I mean, it's massive!! And salt/shark-free ☺

We spent the day reading, snoozing, snacking, getting incredibly sunburned, swimming, and snapping pics along the shoreline.


Eventually, the sun started to go down, and we decided to head home...

...where, we realized in a panic, that C was supposed to have been at the wedding rehearsal hours before! During our fun in the sun, we'd forgotten to check our phones, so after getting in touch with the wedding party, we hurriedly showered and dressed and headed to Grand Rapids for the rehearsal dinner, where we ended up staying for two days.

But more about that tomorrow!


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