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11:05:00 AM

Last Friday, C and I had a much-needed date night. With him balancing playing with a new band and his ever-changing work schedule,the last couple of months have been a big transition for us, time-wise. We both felt like we kept missing each other, as I would come home from work at 5 only to catch him running off to band practice at 6.

Last week, we decided to have a proper 'date night' - dinner, drinks, movies. We ate an amazing meal at the Welsh Rabbit Bistro (so.much.cheeeeeeese!), followed by a screening of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman's last film, A Most Wanted Man, which we both loved.

I put my camera away for the actual date, as I wanted to truly be able to relax and enjoy some time with my S.O, but I did manage to coerce him into taking a few little outfit pics before we set off!

A simple, summer evening look - cropped jeans, H&M top, and vintage bag.

Awesome night with an awesome guy ♥

How did you spend your Friday night?


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