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10:30:00 AM

Happy Friday!

Another week, another packed schedule. Summer is on it's way out (not that you'd know it by the heat we've been experiencing, but whatever), and I plan to take advantage of these last few weeks as much as I can. That means you can expect to see a bevy of summer-inspired recipes, picnics, mini-road trips, and days at the river before the weather turns. That being said, I'm already SO excited for fall!! I wouldn't say I'm necessarily pumpkin-spice-latte-obsessed, but I do love me some crisp Autumn weather, apple cider, leather booties, woolly scarves, and a Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings movie marathon (what - does no one else watch those in the Fall??).

For now, however, read on for some of this week's favorites!

Favorite advice:

{how to look forward to Mondays, via Camille Styles}

Favorite interior:

{gorgeous SF apartment via The Every Girl}
Favorite laugh:

{alcohol with honest labels}
Favorite destination:

{Billings, Montana for another wedding!}

Favorite seasonal salad:

{golden beet and cherry salad via Camille Styles}
Favorite road trip essentials:

{via Buzzfeed}
Favorite bloopers (ouch!):

Have a wonderful weekend!


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