first sunday in september

11:37:00 AM

Yesterday, Conrad and I drove up to Dixon Reservoir for a walk.

The sun came out for the first time that weekend, and, once again, Colorado's natural beauty took my breath away.

This view wasn't bad either^^

 We set off, chatting about the upcoming week and travel plans (sadly, nothing happening until December). I don't know why, but spending time in nature is always so energizing and replenishing. Sometimes it takes me a while to get out the door, but I swear that every time I do I feel about a hundred times better than if I stay in.

Sometimes I wonder if, by having a blog, I focus too much on getting content rather than enjoying the actual experience, but I realized during this walk that what happens is actually the opposite. Capturing snapshots of my life actually forces me to slow down and appreciate the small things I'd normally pass by without a second a bee rolling in a flower's pollen or a prairie dog popping up to say hello.

This Monday, I'm ready for whatever the week has in store.
Here's to everyone having a good one!


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