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Did you know that Conrad and I met on Halloween? Three years go this year. Before that, Halloween had always been a fun holiday throughout my life, but now it's our anniversary! I thought it might be fun to go back through old Halloween photos like Joëlle did on her blog, and show you some photos of the night we met, as well as the costumes before and after!

2009 This was when I was an intern in Switzerland and had a fantastic group of intern friends who dragged me out every weekend despite our utter lack of finances (intern lyfe, yo). I was 20 and went as a 1920's flapper, which, given we were in Geneva in October, was a cold choice! Nevertheless, we had so much fun this night.

This is the only picture I was able to recover  of this Halloween since idiot-gate, but it was my first Halloween in the US, and OMG did it exceed expectations. I had never seen so many creative, hilarious costumes. Americans may do a lot wrong, but they do Halloween up right.
I went as Lara Croft!

This is the year Conrad and I met, and I went as 'Clark Kent Turning Into Superman', while Conrad was Will Ferrel as Robert Goulet (I had no idea at the time what this meant). Apparently there was something about those sideburns, though, because we hardly have spent a day apart since. We met through a mutual friend who thought we might hit it off and invited me to join her at Conrad's Halloween party, and the rest is history!

2012 was the year I discovered (and promptly became obsessed with) The Vampire Diaries and everything related, so of course, I was a vampire for Halloween! This was super fun because I had fang 'implants' that you stick on your teeth, except they gave me a horrible lisp so even though I looked scary, I sounded absolutely ridiculous.

For this year, Conrad and I decided to go as Annie Hall and Alvy Singer after realizing how much I look like Diane Keaton in that movie. This costume was so easy and so fun! Conrad was extra neurotic all night 

This year, I'm getting inspiration from this photo for my costume...thoughts?

What was your best costume? I'd love to know!


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