weekend casual

9:02:00 AM

This weekend, Nick and I took some outfit photos in Old Town, right before a crazy wind storm blew in. Naturally, we brought along the fur-person:

(notice the white dog hairs on my hat ^^)

My standard weekend outfit of low booties, ripped jeans, a cozy sweater, and my favorite utility jacket makes for the most comfortable, stylish mix on days when I don't want to make any effort but don't want to resort to sweats.

Paired with a floppy hat and leather satchel, this is one of my favorite looks of all time.

{jeans from target, coat from h&m, sweater and hat from f21, and boots from chinese laundry. bag is vintage esprit}

As usual, though, Tobias outdid us all with that stellar smile :)

What an attention-whore.


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