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Hi guys,
Happy Friday! Despite my fervent praying to the weather gods, today was NOT declared a snow-day, but even that can't dampen my Friday euphoria. I'm not sure what this weekend will hold, as we are due even more snow on Saturday and Sunday, but I know that it will include some combination of wine, Season 3 of House of Cards (WHO'S EXCITED????), and half-assed baking (frozen cookie dough, whoop whoop). What else is there to do when you're snow-bound at home but stuff your face and binge-watch Netflix? Because I never do that on the regular. Nope, never...
Aaaand now for some favorites!

Favorite weekly pick-me-up:
{weekly flowers make me so happy! image via Julie Blanner}
Favorite breakfast revamp:
{the magical world of tartines! via Cup of Jo}
Favorite TV heroine:
{Leslie Knope 4-ever, via The Every Girl}
Favorite spring cleaning tips:
{clean your house in 15 mins, via A Beautiful Mess}
Favorite packed lunch ideas:
{these ALL look so amazing! via BuzzFeed}
Favorite weekend activity:
{finally finished my book - ahem, Harry Potter 5 -  so moving on to Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. And, yes, I realize I'm about seven years behind with this book...what can I say? I'm a slow-adapter.}
Favorite home tour:

{madly in love with everything in this Abu Dhabi home, via Apartment Therapy}
Have a GREAT weekend!


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