spring blues

9:53:00 AM

Last week marked the first official day of spring, and I could not be happier. Unlike those poor souls on the east coast, we've been having pretty typical spring weather - rain showers, sun, wind, chilly mornings, blooming trees, etc., etc. That's been great and all, but the real reason I'm excited for spring? FASHION!

(Yes, I'm a bit shallow sometimes, but who isn't?)

I'm SO SICK of wearing sweaters, coats, boots, socks, gloves, hats, and still freezing my buns off. Bring on the light jackets, skirts, dresses, sandals, and more! I'm particularly in love with the pairing of crisp blues and whites, such as a striped boat-neck shirt paired with jeans shorts, a white button down tucked into ripped jeans, white converse sneakers with a slouchy, lightweight sweater, or a simple white dress. Paired with a trench coat, military-inspired parka or even a wide-brim panama hat, the look is breezy and casual but put-together. Now go grab a cup of tea or coffee and scroll down through my pinned images (see the entire board here) for some major spring inspiration!

Excited yet??? Also, I need a tan.


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