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Happy Friday guys! Have any fun weekend plans? I'm super excited because Conrad FINALLY gets back tomorrow! He's been away in Kenya for three-ish weeks and the time has moved So. Freaking. Slowly. I'm so glad I had a trip booked to see my favorite little redhead last weekend because I was getting so bored and lonely. Speaking of that trip, I was the worst blogger/photographer and took a total of maybe 45 photos the entire weekend, running out of battery on Friday night and forgetting my camera in my bag on Saturday night! #fail I'll still try to get some photos up next week for you :)
Read on for this week's Favorites!

Favorite forecast:
{tea-drinking, book-reading, stay-at-home-watching-netflix weather!}
Favorite DIY:
{adorable gold-leaf decorated frame, via The Sweetest Occasion}
Favorite tips:
{wedding do's and dont's via Cup of Jo}
Favorite living room:
{love love love everything in this home! Via New Darlings}
Favorite comfort food:
{chorizo bolognese with buffalo mozarella, via Donnay Hay}
Favorite face:

{love him! And Julianne's photo-bomb, too}
Have a great weekend kids!


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