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How are you all today? I'm happy it's Friday ☺
This week was pretty productive, and I feel like I'm finally starting to get into a 'groove', balancing work and classes. I've mentioned it before, but I'm completing a certificate in Web Development because I'm an idiot I want to improve my professional credentials. I kind of feel like Monica from Friends when she takes an Intro to Cooking Class (she's a professional chef) and feels really good about herself. Just kidding! I am actually really enjoying it and learning a lot. Still, it's been a challenge to balance school, work, life, etc., and every week is different, but this one went pretty well so I'm feeling good.

Keep reading for favorites!

Favorite essay:
{writer Una LaMarche hilariously captures the agony of puberty, via Cup of Jo}
{idea stolen from this great Buzzfeed list}
Favorite art recreation:
{ballerina Misty Copeland recreates works by Degas, via My Coloures}
Favorite resume tips:
{great tips for keeping your resume on point, via Refinery29}
Favorite dream getaway:
{someone take me Tuluum, pronto! Via}
Favorite cocktail ideas:
{almost-too-pretty-to-drink cocktails, via Lindsey Brunk}
Favorite face:
{my valentine, forever and always}

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