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12:08:00 PM

Hello and happy Friday!
Not much on the horizon for this weekend besides lots of blog shooting, homework, and a bit of spring cleaning (much needed). It's supposed to be nice weather this weekend, so fingers crossed that a porch-side margarita + chips and salsa is in store! Hope you all have a wonderful day and even better weekend ☺

Favorite craving: 
{classic spaghetti bolognese, via Serious Eats}
Favorite perspective:
{what expecting mothers from around the world bring to the hospital, via The Atlantic}
Favorite t-shirt:
{if only they made it in my size! Via Fairly Friendly}
Favorite wedding details:
{simple but stunning wedding ideas from a J.Crew stylist, via J.Crew}
Favorite checklist:
{What NOT to do on social media - I'm totally guilty of a few of theses - via Pure Wow}
 Favorite simple up-do:
{pretty and easy hair via The Beauty Department}
 Favorite dream bathroom inspiration:
{dying over copper and gold hardware, via My Domaine}

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