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9:42:00 AM

Happy Friday!
I hope you all had pretty good weeks. Mine was a little rough, as I am still feeling the effects of jet-lag (e.g. waking up bright and early at 5 am, and crashing, HARD, at 5 pm!). I'm looking forward to this weekend to get some cleaning + errands done, as well as for a chance to see friends and family that I've not had time to see since we got back. Here's to a restful, rejuvenating weekend for all of us!

Favorite weekend activity:
{summer picnics in the park are the best! Image via}
Favorite kids:
{my adorable little cousins}
Favorite weeknight meal:
{simple and fresh broccoli and soba noodle salad, via Dine&Dash}
Favorite list:
{ten stylish movies from the 1950's that everyone should watch, via Harper's Bazaar}
Favorite inn decor:
{lovely and simple interior design from a New York Inn, via AT}
Favorite car-pool karaoke, EVER:
{Michelle Obama, James Corden, and Missy Elliot. Need I say more?}
Favorite, if not very realistic (see no. 6), travel advice:
{tips to make travel delays slightly more enjoyable, via Waiting For Saturday}
Favorite movie trailer:

Have a great weekend!

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